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'Landmark day': Reaction to guilty verdict in Sandusky child sex abuse trial

Pennsylvania Attorney General Linda Kelly speaks outside the courthouse in Bellefonte after Jerry Sandusky was found guilty of child sex-abuse.

Reaction poured out in Bellefonte, Pa., and across the nation Friday night after former Penn State assistant football coach Jerry Sandusky was convicted on 45 of 48 counts of child sexual abuse.

Defense attorney Joe Amendola said he wasn't surprised by the verdict and planned an appeal. State Attorney General Linda Kelly praised investigators, prosecutors and the victims who came forward, calling them "brave men." And an advocate for victims of sexual violence called it a "landmark day."  

Below is a selection of reaction to the verdict and the case.

Defense attorney Joe Amendola, speaking outside the courthouse, on Sandusky’s reaction:
“He was disappointed by the verdict but obviously he will have to live with it."

State Attorney General Linda Kelly, speaking outside the courthouse:
“A serious child predator ... has been held accountable for his crimes."

Penn State University (read the full statement here):
“The legal process has spoken and we have tremendous respect for the men who came forward to tell their stories publicly. No verdict can undo the pain and suffering caused by Mr. Sandusky, but we do hope this judgment helps the victims and their families along their path to healing. … 

“Now that the jury has spoken, the University wants to continue that dialogue and do its part to help victims continue their path forward. To that end, the University plans to invite victims of Mr. Sandusky’s abuse to participate in a program to facilitate the resolution of claims against the University arising out of Mr. Sandusky's conduct.”

Defense attorney Joe Amendola speaks outside the courthouse in Bellefonte, Pa., after his client, Jerry Sandusky, was found guilty of sexually abusing children.

The family of the late Joe Paterno, former Penn State football coach, for whom Sandusky once worked (read the full statement here):
"Although we understand the task of healing is just beginning, today's verdict is an important milestone. The community owes a measure of gratitude to the jurors for their diligent service. Our thoughts and prayers continue to be with the victims and their families. "

Jerry Sandusky convicted of child sex abuse

Pennsylvania Gov. Tom Corbett, in a statement:
“First, I want to thank the jury for their willingness to serve on such a difficult case. I also want to commend the multiple victims in this case who had the courage to come forward and testify in court, confronting Sandusky, and proving beyond a reasonable doubt that he is guilty of these reprehensible crimes.”

Scott Berkowitz, president of the nonprofit Rape, Abuse and Incest National Network (read the full statement here):
“Today is a landmark day for survivors of sexual violence across the nation. This verdict shows the country that when allegations of such abuse are brought to light, they will be taken seriously and that a just outcome is possible.  

Matt Sandusky: From staunch defender to damning accuser

Grace Gordon, 49, a Bellefonte resident at the courthouse, welcomed the verdict but lamented the damage the trial had done to the community:
"It's hard, it really is, to see a small town torn apart like this."

The mother of the accuser known as Victim 6, according to the AP:
"Nobody wins. We've all lost." 

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