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Tacoma, Wash. middle school teacher accused of having sex with student

A Tacoma, Wash., teacher has been placed on paid leave amid accusations that she had sex with one of her middle school students at least three times, both on school grounds and in the boy's bedroom.

Keshia Shaw, a 32-year-old science and math teacher at Gray Middle School, was charged with five counts of child rape on June 26. She is accused of performing oral sex and having intercourse with the student over a two-year period. 

The first time was when he was in her sixth-grade class in 2007; the last was during the fall of his eighth grade year, when they allegedly had sex in Shaw's classroom, according to documents filed in Pierce County Superior Court. After the last classroom incident, the documents allege, Shaw went to a bank and gave the boy $80 and then performed oral sex on him.

The allegations were not reported to Child Protective Services until this year, after the boy, now 17,  heard a sermon on molestation at church. After the service, he told his mother and a family friend he had been abused, court documents say.

Shaw's court date is July 10. She hasn't entered a plea yet, reported Tacoma's The News Tribune. She was placed on paid leave when the school district learned about the accusations on May 7, Tacoma school district spokesman Dan Voelpel told msnbc.com.

"Our teachers work for nine months, but they get paid over 12 months," Voelpel said. "She is currently receiving pay for the time she already worked, and she will continue to get that money."

The school district will re-evaluate whether Shaw should be placed on unpaid leave once her paychecks for time already worked run out, he said.

Shaw was hired by the Tacoma School District in 2002 as a substitute teacher and became full-time in 2005, KING reported.

According to Pierce County prosecuting attorney Heather DeMaine, the sexual abuse began at the end of the boy's sixth grade year. He was re-taking an exam in her classroom when Shaw, who had no underwear on under her dress, caught her student "looking at her and asked if he was turned on," DeMaine's court filing states. She proceeded to force him into sex in a locked room next door, the document says, and told him not to tell anyone.

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That July, after driving him home from summer school, Shaw had sex with the boy in his bedroom while his mother was at work, according to DeMaine.

More encounters, including anal intercourse, reportedly occurred in the following years on school grounds when the boy -- who went to a different school starting in seventh grade -- returned to Gray Middle School to visit friends.

The incidents happened when the boy was 12 to 14 years old. Shaw was in her 20s at the time, KING reported.

Voelpel, Tacoma's school district spokesman, told msnbc.com that no accusations have been made by other students.

Tacoma police spokesman Mark Fulghum told The News Tribune, “We don’t know about other students. Who knows, this may bring other victims forward.”

Shaw filed for divorce in February of this year, court records show. She has two children, ages 6 and 8, according to The News Tribune.

Calls to attorneys in the case and to the Tacoma school district on Tuesday were not immediately returned.

Court filings identify the boy by his initials. NBC News and msnbc.com do not reveal the identity of alleged underage victims of sexual abuse.

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