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Florida Marine doing 1 million pushups to help wounded veterans

South Florida Marine Sergeant Enrique Trevino is attempting to do one million push-ups in an effort to raise money and awareness for American veterans. WTVJ's Justin Finch reports.

Florida Marine Sgt. Enrique Trevino is more than halfway to his goal of completing one million push-ups to raise money and awareness for wounded veterans.

"In the very beginning, there were a lot of people who said your body can't handle it," Trevino told NBCMiami.com. "That's their first mistake was telling a Marine you can't do something."

Trevino began his one million push-up pursuit as a New Year's fitness resolution, but soon realized he could turn it into an opportunity to help the Wounded Warriors Project. The organization helps veterans of the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq, where Trevino himself has served, get reacquainted into post-military life.

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He said not all vets return with wounds that one can easily see.

"People who are suffering from PTSD. Those are scars that are not seen, but people don't notice everyday," Trevino pointed out. "I'm just trying to bring awareness to those veterans who're transitioning into civilian life, and just make sure they're never forgotten."

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Thanks to his push-ups and presence on Facebook and Youtube, Trevino has raised more than $19,000 for his cause. A web page has been set up for people to donate. Still, his sights are set higher.

"My goal is to reach $20,000, but if we can do more than that, which I know we can, I'm all for it," he said.

Last week, Trevino cracked the 500,000 mark, but he said that has not made his push up routine any easier.

"I'd be lying if I said it got easier, but my endurance has gotten better."

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