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Pennsylvania man must pay back $69,000 windfall

An accidental $69,000 deposit was too good to be true for a Pennsylvania man who received the money in his bank account — by mistake. Now, he has to pay it all back.

The suburban Philadelphia man, 22-year-old Joseph Bucci, struck it rich in March after a Wells Fargo bank teller mistyped an account number for a $69,300 deposit, The Philadelphia Inquirer reported. Court records show that within a month of the error, Bucci withdrew all but $2,000 of the mistaken money from his account.

The money was reported missing by a Wells Fargo investigator in May and Bucci was soon charged, according to the Inquirer. The funds were supposed to go from a law office to an estate account.

Bucci's lawyer, Michael Parlow, said Friday that his client spent that money on a used car, a camera, a computer, a dog, clothes and furniture, according to the Inquirer. He has now paid back some of the money, the Inqurier reported, but still has about $50,000 left to give back. Bucci must show he can repay all of it in order to qualify for a first-time offenders program — a program that would clear his record if he were to complete it.

Bucci faces two felony counts of theft of lost property and receiving stolen property, according to the Inquirer.


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