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Andrea Sneiderman, widow of businessman killed outside Dunwoody, Ga., day care, charged with murder

Atlanta Journal-Constitution via AP

Putnam County sheriff's deputies lead Andrea Sneiderman from her parents' home on Lake Oconee near Eatonton, Ga., after arresting her Thursday.

Updated at 2:08 p.m. ET: Andrea Sneiderman, the widow of a businessman who was gunned down by her former boss outside a Georgia day care center, was charged Thursday with murder and other crimes connected to the slaying.

Prosecutors contend she conspired with her then-supervisor, with whom she was allegedly having an affair, to have her husband killed so she could collect on $2 million in life insurance policies.

A team of Putnam County and DeKalb County law officers went to Sneiderman’s home in Eatonton, Ga., and took her into custody Thursday morning.

The arrest occurred after a DeKalb County grand jury returned an indictment on charges of malice murder, attempted murder, racketeering, insurance fraud, two counts of perjury and two counts of making false statements.

DeKalb County District Attorney Robert James announced the charges at an afternoon press conference but refused to elaborate on the nature of the evidence.

"Our collective goal is to continue to seek justice and preserve the public safety of our community, not only for the Sneiderman family but for anyone who has lost a loved one because of a violent crime," he said.

James said the arrest was the result of several months' work. "We’re going to put all the facts and the evidence out there and at the end of the day it’s going to be up to a jury to make a decision in this case," he said.

The jury in the Dunwoody day care murder trial found defendant Hemy Newman guilty but mentally ill in the shooting of Rusty Sneiderman, but the victim's family tells TODAY they still want answers. NBC's Dennis Murphy reports.

Sneiderman, a 36-year-old mother of two, was booked Thursday into the DeKalb County Jail. She will likely be arraigned within the next month, James said.

Sneiderman's attorney, J. Tom Morgan, said she "categorically" denies the charges.

"There's no way we can know what evidence was presented in secret chamber. That's why we have juries, and people who know nothing about this case will be able to make a decision at that time," Morgan said.

Rusty Sneiderman was shot to death on the morning of Nov. 18, 2010, after he dropped off his son at a Dunwoody day care facility.

The case drew national attention after authorities arrested Hemy Neuman, Andrea Sneiderman's boss at the General Electric complex in Marietta, and charged him with the slaying.

At trial earlier this year, Neuman was found guilty but mentally ill after acknowledging he shot Rusty Sneiderman multiple times.

Prosecutors contended Neuman and Andrea Sneiderman were having an affair and Neuman wanted to get rid of his romantic rival. Andrea Sneiderman testified that they never did more than hold hands.

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Neuman is serving a term of life without parole at the Georgia Diagnostic and Classification Center in Jackson.

In June, Andrea Sneiderman filed a wrongful death lawsuit against Neuman. She formally denied being his co-conspirator and said in the lawsuit that Neuman acted alone.

The indictment returned Thursday against Andrea Sneiderman alleges she plotted with Neuman to have her husband killed so she could acquire his money and property. Rusty Sneiderman had two life insurance policies with a combined payout value of $2 million and individual and joint accounts totaling more than $960,000.

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“Neuman and Andrea Sneiderman conspired together to murder Rusty Sneiderman so that they could enjoy a life together, eliminate Neuman’s debt problems, and fully benefit from the assets the Sneidermans had acquired as well as the proceeds of Rusty Sneiderman’s life insurance policies,” the indictment says.

During their affair, Andrea Sneiderman and Neuman took business trips together and Neuman asked her to be with him forever and to marry him, prosecutors allege.

On the morning of the slaying, Neuman disguised himself with a fake beard, drove to the Dunwoody day care in a rented van and shot Rusty Sneiderman four times with a handgun.

Andrea Sneiderman collected on the death benefits of her husband’s life insurance policies a few months after the murder, according to the indictment.

NBC News' Edgar Zuniga Jr. contributed to this story.

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