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Son of 'missing' New York swimmer arrested

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The son of a New York man reported missing off Jones Beach -- only to turn up days later in South Carolina -- has been arrested on charges of insurance fraud and filing a false police report, authorities say. 

The Nassau County District Attorney's Office said 22-year-old Jonathan Roth was arrested Monday. He was also charged with conspiracy to commit insurance fraud. 

He's scheduled to be arraigned in First District Court in Hempstead Tuesday. Attorney information was not immediately available. 

Jonathan Roth's girlfriend said she believes his father set up a plot to defraud the family, that his brother got involved, and "they are letting Jonathan take the fall." 

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Jonathan "thought his dad had drowned," Kristi Mayles told reporters Monday. "I believe that, too, based on his reactions and that he was just angry, because he found out his dad was alive and how could his own father do this to him?" 

Meanwhile, the NYPD is investigating a complaint filed against Raymond Roth on July 19, according to a law enforcement official.

A co-worker filed the complaint alleging Raymond Roth went to work with a gun nine days earlier, and that he said he wanted to shoot his two immediate supervisors, according to sources familiar with the case.

Evana Roth said her husband lost his job at 1 Penn Plaza after the complaint. After he was fired, building security was told to remain on the lookout for him. 

Nassau County police later removed a 357 Magnum from Raymond Roth's home, according to  law enforcement official.

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Last week, Jonathan Roth reported his father Raymond Roth of Massapequa missing, saying he disappeared during his daily swim at Jones Beach.

A massive search of the water ensued, but Raymond Roth later called his brother from Florida and the following day was pulled over for speeding in South Carolina, police said.

Raymond Roth's wife and Jonathan Roth's stepmother, Evana Roth, told reporters Friday her husband had staged the disappearance without her knowledge. She distributed copies of emails he had sent to Jonathan Roth.

One of those e-mails, provided to the press Friday, read, "There needs to be a way for me to find out how things are going. You cannot call from your phone. Go to a pay phone or borrow your friend's phone."

Another allegedly said, "I need to get to the bank for cash for the trip. DO NOT allow that a--hole to give the house away."

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Two days later, Jonathan Roth, said he had nothing to do with his father's actions.

Earlier Monday, Evana Roth announced she has obtained an order of protection against Raymond Roth, and said she is also filing for divorce.

She said that she hasn't heard from him since last week and doesn't know where he is.

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