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FBI: Man with ties to extremist movement threatened to kill bank employees

NEW YORK -- The FBI arrested a Queens man with ties to anti-government extremism Tuesday night for allegedly threatening to kill employees at a Pennsylvania bank, law enforcement sources said.
Law enforcement sources say Michael Chung faxed a threatening letter to a Sovereign Bank branch in Pottsville. In the letter, he cited the Second Amendment and threatened to kill employees of the bank, law enforcement sources said.

The letter read, in part, "The 2nd Amendment to the National Constitution authorizes the use of deadly force to protect my interests as a national citizen.  I believe I have a basis to act in that manner."

Chung, 52, had a loan with the bank that may have been preventing him from selling his Bayside home, law enforcement sources said. There may be a lien on his house.

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A law enforcement official says Chung has a shotgun registered in his name. It's not clear if the weapon has been recovered. 

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A law enforcement official said Chung is part of the "sovereign citizen" movement, a loose grouping of people who don't believe in following government authority and paying taxes. The FBI has long considered sovereign citizens a domestic terror threat and monitors the movement. 

Chung was scheduled to be arraigned later Wednesday in federal court in Brooklyn. It wasn't immediately known if he had an attorney. 

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