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Caught on camera: Sweet-toothed bear breaks into Colorado candy store, helps himself to treats

A young black bear is caught on camera breaking in to a Colorado chocolate factory and eating the store's candy. TODAY.com's Dara Brown reports.

So a bear walks into a candy store …

And the store owner later says, “That little bugger ate a lot of candy!”

Jo Adams, owner of the Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory in Estes Park, Colo., has the video to prove it. She tells the Estes Park News that four surveillance cameras she recently installed in her shop caught the baby black bear in action.

Adams came to work one day last week and found a candy tin and a cellophane wrapper on the floor and dirt on top of her checkout counter. She initially thought, “Oh darn, one of those pesky ground squirrels has gotten in the store and upset a few things,” she told the newspaper.

She and her son searched but couldn’t find the offender. That’s when they decided to check footage from the store cameras.

The video showed the bear wandering in the front door, which had a faulty lock, and helping himself to mouthfuls of candy from the display rack at the counter before sauntering back outside and chomping down the chocolate treats on the sidewalk.

The bear repeats the routine several times in a matter of 20 minutes, helping himself to an assortment of  chocolate-covered Rice Krispie Treats, peanut butter cups, a special Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory treat called Balls of Joy, English Toffee and -- no surprise here -- Cookie Bears, according to the Estes Park News.

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Adams told the newspaper she has since replaced the locks and the bear has not been able to break in again.

She said customers who’ve heard about the ursine bandit’s exploits want to order the same treats the bear enjoyed.

“At least five times a day people come in to order the exact same things the bear ate; I love it, we’ve been making extras of these particular treats just to keep up with the demand!” she told the newspaper. 

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