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Officer helps free moose tangled in swing set

A Utah deputy came face to face with a moose in an effort to help free the animal from from an awkward entanglement Sunday, The Denver Post reported.

Sgt. Lane Findlay was called to residential community 40 miles outside Salt Lake City after a moose's antlers got caught up in the metal chains of a backyard swing set.

Worried about his safety, Findlay handed his mobile phone to an onlooker and asked him to shoot video.

"If something happens to me, give this to my wife," he said.

Told it would take state wildlife officials some time to get to the scene, Findlay decided to try to free the moose himself.

The moose had been twisting in an attempt to free itself, so Findlay had to approach cautiously. Its antlers were freed from the chains with the help of a pair of cutters. 

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Once free, the moose walked over to a bucket of water and began drinking and then collapsed on the ground, Findlay told the Post. 

He proceeded to hose the moose down while waiting for wildlife officials to arrive and assess the moose's health.

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