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Three bodies found in burned car in Maine


Police check a vehicle that was found burning off the around 3:35 a.m. After the fire was extinguished, they found three bodies inside the car which was parked off Target Industrial Circle in Bangor.

Police in Maine are investigating the deaths of three people who were found in a burned out car early Monday morning, NBC station WLBZ in Bangor reported. 

Sgt. Paul Edwards of the Bangor Police Department told the station the deaths are suspicious. He said the medical examiner will determine the cause of death in the coming days.  

Around 3:30 a.m., a local radio announcer called 911 after discovering the car fire while on her way to work.

"It was so fully engulfed when I saw it," Kat Walls said. "There was lots of popping and small booms. It was hard to tell it was a car at times because it was so engulfed.”

Firefighters noticed the bodies in the car after extinguishing the fire, according to the Bangor Daily News.

The heat from the fire was enough to burst the vehicle windows and pop the tires. The front bumper is undamaged but the rest of the car was destroyed.

Walls told the paper she learned about the bodies in the vehicle when a detective visited her during her morning show on 97.1 the Bear.

“It was horrifying — the idea that I sat there and waited for the fire department while people were burning inside. I’m struggling with it, actually. It feels horrible,” she said.

Edwards told the paper it's too early to say whether the people inside died as a result of the fire.  

“Basically, it’s evidence collection at this point," Edwards said.

The paper reported surveillance video from a nearby business is being reviewed by investigators. 

An employee from that business, Automatic Distributors, told the Bangor Daily News the video shows someone running away from the scene.

Video from a business across the street, Stratham Tire, is also being examined. 

“You just see the lights [from vehicles] going in, two or three sets, and then the blaze,” Stratham Tire manager Jeff Gordon told the paper.

Gordon told the Daily News that vehicles and license plates on video taken from across the street cannot be identified. 

The state's fire marshal's office has been called to assist the investigation.

Police have not released any information about the three people inside the vehicle. Edwards said it may take DNA matches to identify them.

"I have no identifications yet,” Edwards said. "It could take awhile."

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