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What would you take? A couple pack to flee wildfire in Washington

A Washington couple packs their necessities to evacuate from the nearby Taylor Bridge wildfire.

Adrienne and Tom Blum busily were packing necessities into their car, truck and trailer Thursday afternoon to evacuate from the nearby Taylor Bridge fire that has burned an estimated 70 homes and nearly 23,000 acres of sage, grass and timberlands in Central Washington since Monday.

The couple live on 15 partly wooded acres with their many dogs, cats and chickens.

With frustration, Adrienne described how she heard from a friend that their area was under a "Level 3," or highest level, evacuation, which means evacuate immediately.


Blazes in multiple states threaten houses and cause evacuations.

“The people aren’t getting informed. They should have a station that says ‘You’re outta here!’” Adrienne said. When she called a help line for information, she was asked if she had a computer to help her learn about the fire updates. She responded that the computer was already packed for evacuation.

The Blums evacuated their home later Thursday, with Tom heading to work as a general contractor and Adrienne and the pets staying with a friend in nearby Roslyn.

Firefighters reported they are making “good progress” in the fire. The fire on Friday was 33 percent contained, up from 25 percent Thursday.

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