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Thousands of sailors, Marines evacuate Florida base in Isaac's path

Thousands of sailors and Marines from the Naval Air Station in Pensacola, Fla., are taking refuge from Hurricane Isaac at a Georgia military base, more than doubling its population.

Charter buses carrying about 4,000 service members arrived at the Marine Corps Logistic Base in Albany, Ga., on Monday night.

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The Albany base, primarily a maintenance depot, normally has a population of only 3,500, with 90 percent of those being civilian personnel, Lt. Kyle Thomas, spokesman at the Georgia base, told NBC News on Tuesday.

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"There's a noticeable increase in the population," Thomas said. "It's typically pretty quiet around here."

Albany officials have converted several large warehouses used in the maintenance operation into temporary housing for the evacuees.

"We're trying to support them and make them as comfortable as possible until they go home sometime later in the week," Thomas said.

About 45 training aircraft from the Pensacola base were moved to a Joint Reserve Base near Fort Worth, Texas, and Randolph Air Force Base in San Antonia, Texas, on Sunday in anticipation of the storm.  

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In addition, aircraft from several other military installations in Isaac's path were moved out of harm's way to bases in Texas and Kentucky, the Air Force Times reported.

Eglin Air Force Base in Florida was closed on Tuesday and Wednesday. 

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