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Detectives: Marine wife Brittany Killgore died during sexual attack

New search warrants unsealed in the murder case of a Marine wife reveal that, according to detectives, Brittany Killgore was an unwilling participant in sadomasochistic sexual activity involving the three suspects accused of killing her.

San Diego County Sheriff's Department via AP

Brittany Dawn Killgore

Brittany Killgore was reported missing April 14. Her body was found a few days later.

The San Diego, Calif., North County Superior Court released 22 search warrants in the Killgore murder case on Wednesday. The documents had previously been sealed at the request of the San Diego County district attorney.

Dorothy Grace Marie Maraglino, 36; Jessica Lynn Lopez, 25 and U.S. Marine Staff Sgt. Louis Perez, 45, have pleaded not guilty to murder charges in the killing of 22-year-old Killgore.

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Killgore was last seen April 13 wearing a purple evening gown. Four days later her body was found abandoned near Lake Skinner in Riverside County.

Last week, an amended complaint was filed, adding new allegations to the murder charges, The North County Times reported.

The complaint also accuses the three suspects of conspiring to kidnap, torture and sexually assault Killgore. The allegations stem from what investigators believe is the alternative sexual lifestyle the three suspects participated in.

Warrants in Marine wife murder case reveal text messages, sex dungeon

In the 22 search warrants obtained Wednesday by NBC 7, detectives say they believe Killgore was killed during sexual activities with the suspects, right before her body was taken to Lake Skinner.

Detectives believe Perez never intended to take Killgore on a dinner cruise because he picked Killgore up from her apartment after the boat would’ve already departed, at approximately 7:37 p.m.

Search warrants reveal Perez and Killgore’s telephone records show their phones were being used in the Fallbrook area when they were supposed to be in San Diego that night.

Warrants also show that Killgore sent a text message to a friend asking for help 13 minutes after she was picked up by Perez. Soon after, additional text messages were sent from Killgore’s phone that weren’t consistent with her normal texting style.

In the warrants, detectives say Killgore’s cell phone appears to have been turned off for approximately two hours on the night of April 13, between 8:14 p.m. and 10:10 p.m. Detectives believe Perez and his accomplices turned off Killgore’s phone during that time so they could kill her and dispose of her body.

The documents confirm Killgore had injuries on her neck, consistent with being strangled, as well as injuries on her wrist and leg.

The warrants also reveal detectives found a receipt for cleaning supplies purchased on April 13, the day Killgore disappeared.

In four search warrants unsealed in July, investigators said they found evidence that an SUV owned by Perez had been used to dump Killgore's body in Lake Skinner.

A shopping bag containing blue latex gloves and a stun baton were also found during the investigation according to the warrants. Both the bag and the gloves had a red substance on them that tested positive for blood, the documents show.

Brittany Killgore, slain wife of Marine, texted 'help' on night of disappearance, prosecutor says

In the warrants, investigators say that San Diego County Crime Lab technicians confirmed the blood to be "a match for the DNA profile of Brittany Killgore."

On April 17, detectives attempted to contact Maraglino at a Point Loma hotel after a vehicle registered to her was located in the parking lot.

Once officials gained access to the hotel room, they spotted blood on the bed and saw a woman who identified herself as “Rosalin” inside, the search warrants document.

"Rosalin" was later identified as Jessica Lopez.

Disturbing finds inside hotel room
Also inside the hotel room were large knives in the bathroom and a note on the dressing area mirror stating, “Pigs read this,” the documents show.

On the dressing table officers said they found a seven-page handwritten letter that began: “I’m sorry Mistress I know you would’ve tried to stop me…You have the wrong f--king person,” according to the warrants.

The letter went on to say “I hid the body of that whore in plain sight," investigators stated in the warrants. One of the search warrants contains the note, which describes the injuries Killgore reportedly suffered and how she was murdered.

The search warrants also reveal more about the unusual sexual activity that prosecutors say was happening at a home on East Fallbrook Street, the residence of Maraglino and her roommate Lopez.

According to the warrant, an ex-girlfriend of Perez allegedly told police they were involved in bondage, whipping, cutting and spanking.

She told police that on one occasion a female was held in the sex dungeon and not allowed to leave without Perez’s permission, according to the search warrants.

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