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Report: Bank robbery suspects toss cash out window during car chase

Suspects in a Los Angeles area bank robbery appear to throw money from their car while being pursued by police Wednesday.


LOS ANGELES - Bystanders stepped into the line of fire at the end of a high-speed pursuit as police tried to apprehend suspected bank robbers who appeared to toss money out of their getaway vehicle.

The chase, which started in the Santa Clarita area north of Los Angeles, ended around 11:20 a.m. PT Wednesday in South Los Angeles.

A mob of people gathered around the black Volvo SUV after it was forced to stop because of traffic.

Officers exited their squad cars to confront the alleged robbers and were able to take them into custody.

The chase was covered live by L.A. television stations. Dozens of people gathered at the crime scene.

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The pursuit began in Canyon Country following a robbery at a Bank of America.

Around 10:50 a.m., the driver exited the southbound 110 Freeway and started heading west on Third Street away from downtown. Around 11 a.m., the suspects were zigzagging through the streets just west of downtown.

By 11:20 a.m., the vehicle was traveling through South LA.

More than a dozen times during the pursuit, what appeared to be handfuls of cash were thrown out of the backseat car window.

Onlookers were waving to the suspected bank robbers, apparently signaling for them to throw more money. At times, the vehicle had to navigate through a mob of people waving at the car.

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Earlier, two people had jumped out of the vehicle on the 210 Freeway near Yarnell Street, said Capt. Mike Parker.

No injuries were reported, said Sgt. Daniel Stanley of the Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department in Santa Clarita.

This is the third police pursuit this week. On Tuesday night, a suspect was shot by police following an hour-long pursuit through neighborhoods near downtown.

On Monday, a driver led police on a pursuit for hours. He managed to flee the vehicle and evade arrest.

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