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NORAD jets intercept 2 planes in restricted airspace over central New Jersey

Two fighter jets scrambled over central New Jersey after two aircraft violated airspace restrictions in place because of the United Nations General Assembly meeting.

North American Aerospace Defense Command spokesman John Cornelio said the F-22s intercepted the small civilian planes during two separate incidents over central New Jersey around 11 a.m. Tuesday.

Cornelio says the pilots did not respond to the radio and were forced to land at Central Jersey Regional Airport in Hillsborough. According to an airport representative who would not provide her name to NBCNews.com, both planes left the airport shortly after landing. 

It was unclear if the pilots were detained. 

Obama: US will 'do what we must' to stop Iran getting nuclear weapons

FAA spokesman Jim Peters says the temporary no-fly zones were established around the New York City metropolitan area because of the U.N.  meeting.

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President Barack Obama addressed the U.N. gathering on Tuesday.

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