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Bachelor sues club after stripper's rough pole dance bursts his bladder

A Pennsylvania man is suing a strip club after a rough pole dance ruptured his bladder during his bachelor party.

A lawsuit filed last week says that in late November 2010 Patrick Gallagher, a resident of Lansdale, Pa., had been invited to lie on the stage at the Penthouse Club in Port Richmond, Pa., as part of its “Bachelor’s Package.”

That’s when one dancer shimmied up the pole, and “from a great height, she launched herself down onto his abdomen” with such force that she ruptured his bladder, Gallagher’s attorney Neil Murray told the Philadelphia Daily News.  

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The suit said the move resulted in severe pain for Gallagher that did not subside by the next morning. He went to the emergency room, and doctors discovered he had internal bleeding and a ruptured bladder that required surgery to correct.

Murray said that Gallagher also suffered nerve damage in his back and hip, the Daily News reported.

The lawsuit accuses the club of negligence and seeks at least $50,000 for medical costs, pain, humiliation and mental anguish.

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Gallagher’s lawsuit is one of several filed in recent years against the club, according to court records. The other lawsuits allege a beating by bouncers, a slip-and-fall injury, overserving of alcohol and the unauthorized use of a woman’s photographs in club advertisements.

Seven dancers and a manager at the club were also arrested last November on prostitution charges. 

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