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Cougars killing our pets, residents of Seattle-area city fear

STANWOOD, Wash. -- Cougar sightings are concerning neighbors of a city north of Seattle, Wash., including one woman who lost her two dogs.

“My heart is broken, I don’t want anyone to feel that way, it hurts,” Suzanne Karelsen told NBC station KING5 after her family lost the dogs over two weeks in Stanwood.

Others have reported missing pets and many fear the cougars are responsible.

Karelsen said she called wildlife officials but that no one has come to investigate.

“It’s very frustrating. All I wanted them to do is acknowledge this, maybe come and check the area,” said Karelsen.

The local county has only three people available to investigate incidents like this, said Sgt. Jennifer Maurstad.

Due to budget cuts and limited staffing, it needs proof there’s a sighting.

“Often times it’s a cat, it’s a dog. So just to weed through that process and save time we will normally only respond if it’s a confirmed sighting,” said Maurstad.

Julie Goforth said she came within 300 feet of a cougar. “He literally looked right at me,” she told KING5.

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