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Real 'hotline': Florida governor gives out sex number instead of one for meningitis

Updated at 6:26 p.m. ET: Florida Gov. Rick Scott mistakenly sent Floridians seeking information on a deadly fungal meningitis outbreak to a sex hot line.

Scott was at a Florida Cabinet meeting on Tuesday when he announced a toll-free hotline's 866 number, but mixed up the numbers, according to WUSF News.

From NBCMiami.com: First fungal meningitis death in Florida

After WUSF News, a public radio station in Tampa, posted the number online a reader notified the news station that the number was directing callers to a very different service.

“Hello boys, thank you for calling me on my anniversary," a woman's voice says in a recording.

A spokesperson for Scott said he inadvertently -- and briefly -- released the wrong number, and then corrected it by providing the number for the Florida Fungal Meningitis Hotline is 866-523-7339.

Front line for meningitis outbreak: the ER

More than 100 fungal meningitis cases have been reported nationally, with about a dozen deaths, including one fatality in Florida.

On Tuesday, Scott also said authorities had contacted nearly 700 of the 1,185 patients linked to facilities that received tainted medicine in Marion, Miami-Dade, Orange and Escambia counties.

NBCMiami.com’s Brian Hamacher and NBC New’s Sevil Omer contributed to this report.

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