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Bachelor party rescued after wine cruise hits rocks

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SAN FRANCISCO -- A bachelor party had to be rescued after a wine-tasting cruise boat hit rocks near Alcatraz Island and began taking on water late Friday, NBCBayArea.com reported.

The Neptune, which was carrying 22 people, hit what is known as “Little Alcatraz” and began taking on water.

“We were on the boat and then next thing you know, we hit a rock and there was a big jolt,” Matthew Rice, the groom-to-be, said.

“All of a sudden the Coast Guard boats came and we kind of just like got off,” he added.

All those on board were rescued safely.

Rachel Smith, another passenger, said the boat was “off course … and hit what we call Little Alcatraz.”

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The boat’s captain said he was glad that no one was hurt in the incident.

The Coast Guard is investigating what happened.

The website for San Francisco Bay Boat Cruises says the Neptune is a “1958 classic motor vessel,” certified to carry 42 passengers.

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