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Hollywood movie premiere ends in clash between police and skateboarders

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A mob of skateboarders and skate fans who ran amok through Hollywood Saturday night attracted a swift crackdown by riot police.

In a video captured by a driver caught in the middle of the mayhem, skaters are seen vandalizing businesses and throwing bottles, as bystanders can be seen running — a melee that more than 100 Los Angeles police officers in riot gear were deployed to quash.

The incident began before 9 p.m., when about 1,500 skaters and skate fans showed up to a theater that only holds 600 people to watch a free premiere of the skateboard movie, “Bake and Destroy.”

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Those who were turned away reportedly reacted violently, police said.

“I just saw everyone in the street going crazy," witness Huckleberry Hamill said.

The caretaker of the Vine Theatre that hosted the event refused to talk to an NBC4 reporter.

Jay Mok, the owner of Hollywood Tattoo, which is next door to the theater, said he hid inside his shop while vandals etched his car with the letter A for anarchy.

Mok said this is not the first time a melee has broken out at the theater.

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"It happened a few years back, a few times," Mok said. "They didn't get into a riot, but ... out of control."

Police dispersed about 500 skateboarding fans in less than three hours. No injuries were reported.  

Los Angeles Police Sgt. Raul Jovel said several people threw rocks and bottles at officers during the clash. At least two cars were also damaged.

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