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'Gangnam Style'-inspired lifeguard video: Calif. city council seeks to overturn firings

Via NBC Los Angeles

Fourteen staffers of the El Monte Aquatic Center in Southern California were terminated after they used a city pool to make a parody of the Internet sensation video "Gangnam style," from Korean pop star Psy, at right.

The El Monte City Council in Southern California recommended on Tuesday night that the lifeguards who were fired after they made a video spoof of the song "Gangnam Style" should be reinstated, according to reporters inside the chamber.

The lifeguards involved in the aquatic controversy attended the meeting, which wrapped up around midnight.

The council considered reinstatement of the 14 lifeguards who shot the video -- "Lifeguard Style", which has more than two million views on YouTube -- at a municipal aquatic center. Pool supervisors cited a policy that bars misuse of municipal property when they fired the lifeguards.

Mayor Andre Quintero asked city staff to bring back a motion to have the lifeguards reinstated while a review of the firings is conducted.

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The lifeguards received support on Facebook and from the creator of "Gangnam Style" -- rapper Psy -- after the firings. Participants said they made the video to celebrate a summer of working at the pool.

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Other council members have not objected to the mayor's call to consider reinstatement. An outside investigator is conducting a review of the video and resulting firings.

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