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Drag racer hits family's car head on, killing father and son, injuring mom, child

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MIAMI -- Three people were killed early Saturday when a driver racing two other cars crashed his vehicle into oncoming traffic, police say.

The accident occurred just before 2 a.m. on Flagler Street and 58th Avenue, according to authorities. Miami Police spokesman Willie Moreno said a Toyota Scion, racing westbound with two other vehicles, lost control and crashed head on with a family of four in a Ford Expedition.

"I knew what kind of car it was because I know about that," said onlooker Antonio Hernandez. "But it was, my impression was I have to stop to see that because I need to stop racing."

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The impact killed father Jose Serrano, 43, and his son, German Serrano, 15. The mother, 42-year-old Carmen Orta and the second child, 12-year-old Gabriel Serrano, remain in extremely critical condition at a hospital.

Also killed was 20-year-old Ivan Rodriquez Jr., the passenger in the Scion, who was ejected and pronounced dead on the scene.

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“You can see that the impact is so massive that it tossed this SUV, just tossed it around,” Moreno said. “The vehicle continued to rotate an additional three times before coming to a resting point. Also so massive the impact that the entire engine was dislodged from this vehicle.”

Police said that the Scion was traveling at an “excessive high rate of speed,” possibly 100 mph.

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Moreno said authorities believe one of the other cars involved is a black Chevrolet Impala, but police are looking for accident footage from local businesses.

The driver of the Scion, identified as 19-year-old Alejandro Hernandez, who was also ejected from the vehicle, is in critical condition.

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