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Cops: 2 arrested over alleged gas hoarding in Connecticut

Orange Police Department

These are the buckets Yunus Latif used to fill up gas in Orange. He planned to take them to his friends and neighbors in Queens, N.Y.

Police arrested two men on Sunday for their involvement in alleged gas hoarding in Connecticut.

Police say Yunus Latif, 47, of Richmond Hill, Queens, filled 30 five-gallon plastic tubs with four gallons of gas each at a station in Orange, Conn., with the intention of bringing it back to neighbors in New York.

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A witness told police they saw Latif loading up plastic containers filled with gas into his truck. When police arrived, they discovered the tubs with gas loaded in the back of the truck. The plastic lids were expanding, police say.

Gas can only be transported in Department of Transportation-approved containers.

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Police also arrested the attendant at the gas station, 41-year-old Muniruzzaman Gomosta, who sold the gas to Latif but said he did not realize he was buying so much gas because the store was busy.

They were both issued misdemeanor summonses for violation of regulation concerning flammable or combustible liquids

NBCConnecticut.com reported that Latif and Gomosta are expected to appear in court on November 19.

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