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Southwest Airlines 737 slides off snowy taxiway into grass in Denver

DENVER -- A Southwest Airlines jet carrying 125 passengers and five crew members slid off a snowy taxiway at Denver International Airport on Saturday afternoon, officials said. 

Flight 1905, a Boeing 737 traveling from Oakland to Denver,  landed on Runway 35 Right in Denver and exited the runway onto a high-speed taxiway, NBC News' Jay Blackman reported. The aircraft slid off the taxiway onto the grass.

An airport spokesperson said no injuries had been reported, NBC station KUSA reported.

Those on the plane were taken to the British Airways lounge, KUSA said.

Photos posted on www.nycaviation.com showed passengers coming down a stairway from the plane in heavy snow.

Snow, sometimes heavy, was falling in the Denver area, and temperatures were dropping from the 30s into the 20s, The Weather Channel reported.

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