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Delaware man ran meth lab in mom's house, police say

Delaware State Police are searching for a man accused of manufacturing methamphetamine in his mother’s house.

On Sunday morning, a woman in Felton, Del., called the police reporting a toxic substance on her property. The woman told police that she had been collecting laundry to wash when she found a rag sticking out of a cooler in her son’s bedroom. She pulled the rag from the cooler, became overwhelmed by fumes and then quickly dragged the cooler outside onto a porch, she said.

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Detectives from the Delaware State Police Kent County Drug Unit found key ingredients involved in making methamphetamine at the house, according to investigators. Teams then safely dismantled and removed the lab from the home.

Police are currently searching for the woman’s son, John Bradley, 32, who was not home when they arrived. Warrants are on file for his arrest for manufacturing methamphetamine.

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