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Texas mom who threw kids onto freeway released from jail

The mother who threw her kids off a Dallas freeway overpass in 2008 was released from jail on Monday.

In March 2008, Khandi Busby threw her two sons – then ages 8 and 6 – onto Interstate 30 before leaping herself, according to The Associated Press. All three survived the 22-foot fall into traffic, the AP reported.

Busby said at the time that she believed Satan and the military were after them, NBCDFW.com reported. In 2010, she was found not guilty by reason of insanity. Since then, Busby has mostly been in state hospital care, but was transferred to the Dallas County Jail in June of this year, The Dallas Morning News reported.

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Now that she is released from jail, the 32-year-old will live a restricted life in a Dallas boarding home, and may not have contact with her children, who are in foster care, according to NBCDFW.com.

"She has many, many restrictions, as well as things she has to do as part of her treatment," defense attorney Vanita Budhrani White told the Dallas Morning News. "And obviously if she doesn't do one of those many things she has in her treatment plan, the court is going to be notified."

The Associated Press contributed to this story.

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