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Third donkey on Texas family's land killed with bow and arrow

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Police in Fort Worth, Texas, are investigating a disturbing case of animal cruelty.

Using a bow and arrow, someone shot and killed a donkey on private land between Old Decatur Road and state Highway 287 in north Fort Worth. 

This is the third such killing endured by the family in the last 13 months.

"'Are you kidding me?' That's exactly what went through my head," said Karen Oney, owner of the donkey.

Her family has about 15 donkeys on its land near Saginaw. A Fort Worth police officer driving by spotted one of the donkeys with two arrows in her mid-section.

"This morning at seven, she was alive and standing up," Oney said. "At 8:30, she was lying down and, by 10, she was gone," Oney said.

In October 2011, someone killed two of Oney's other donkeys -- also with a bow and arrow.

Police never made any arrests in the first two cases. Now there is even more pressure to find the person seemingly using the animals for target practice.

"What pleasure do you get? We see how friendly they are -- they come right up to you -- so what kind of sport is that? I don't get it at all," Oney said.

Fort Worth police seized the arrows as evidence in the case.

Oney said she believes investigators have some leads in the case that they are not sharing.