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Judge's unusual order to man with nine kids: Stop procreating

Racine County Sheriff's Department

Corey Curtis, 44, was sentenced to three years of probation on Monday with the condition that he is not to procreate until he
can support the nine children he fathered with six women.

A Wisconsin judge has ordered a man who owes $90,000 in child support after fathering nine children with six women to not have any more kids, at least for now.

Racine County Circuit Court Judge Tim Boyle sentenced Corey Curtis, 44, to three years of probation on Monday with the condition he is not to procreate until he shows he can support his children, according to court documents.

Curtis pleaded no contest in October to one count each of felony bail jumping and failure to pay child support.

Assistant District Attorney Rebecca Sommers said Curtis owes about $50,000 in back child support, plus another $40,000 in interest to the mothers, the Journal Times reported.

“Common sense dictates you shouldn’t have kids you can’t afford,” Racine County Circuit Court Judge Time Boyle said at a hearing, according to the Journal Times. “It’s too bad the court doesn’t have the authority to sterilize.”

In his decision, the judge cited a 2001 case in which Wisconsin Supreme Court justices upheld a Court of Appeals ruling that a judge may, as a condition of a person’s probation, order the defendant not to have another child unless he can show financial viability.

Curtis told local station WDJT-TV he planned to comply with the unusual order in his case. 

"Judges, they make rulings," Curtis said. "They make them kind of hastily. So, if that's what he feels one of my conditions should be then I'm going to abide by it."

This isn't the first time a judge has made a ruling intended to block breeding.

A Kentucky judge in March ordered a man who had fathered a dozen children by 11 women to refrain from having “any sexual intercourse” for the one-to five-year period he’s on parole.

A Texas judge in 2008 sentenced a 20-year-old mother to 10 years probation for not protecting her 19-month-old daughter from abuse by the child's father. The judge ordered her to not get pregnant during her probation.

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