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Man arrested after complaining to cops that prostitute 'shorted him 10 minutes'

A man in Maine was arrested and charged with hiring a prostitute after he called police to complain the woman “shorted him 10 minutes,” according to a police report.

Old Orchard Beach, Maine police arrested Scott Pipher, 34, on Monday, but they began their original investigation on March 25 after Pipher called to complain that the woman he hired did “not give him his money’s worth” by cutting their time together short by 10 minutes, the Portsmouth, N.H., Herald reported.

Police said their investigation also led to the arrests of two women believed to be prostitutes contacted by Pipher, a resident of Portsmouth, through a website, the Associated Press reported.

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Pipher, who is scheduled to be arraigned in the Biddeford, Maine, District Court on Dec. 12, has a history of complaining about services rendered from women, according to the Herald.

He is listed on both the National Blacklist and Bad Boy Client List, websites where escorts and escort agencies can share information about clients to help others avoid booking dates with dangerous clients, as someone who has prompted complaints from escorts in the past, the Herald reported.

On one of the websites he’s described as being “notorious for booking-out calls and then not answering his door or phone.” 

Pipher has refused to comment to media.

According to Old Orchard Beach police, an officer was dispatched to Pipher’s former residence on Sept. 30 when a woman complained that she was booked to perform a private dance, but the man who ordered the dance refused to answer the door when she arrived.

The dancer claimed it was a theft of her services, but police said it wasn’t a theft because she never danced.

A week later, police said they were called by a woman, who said she was hired as an exotic dancer to go to the same address, after she became “freaked out” by the man who hired her and fled in such a hurry she left some of her clothing behind.

There was no arrest following those incidents because investigators had difficulty with the witnesses, police said. 

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