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Beer-can Festivus pole placed beside nativity scene in Florida

MIAMI -- A Festivus pole made of beer cans has been installed at a large South Florida intersection, just a few feet away from Baby Jesus.

Deerfield Beach activist blogger Chaz Stevens wanted to express his nonreligious beliefs, so he cited his adherence to the made-up holiday celebrated on a famous episode of the 1990s sitcom “Seinfeld,” the South Florida Sun Sentinel reports.

The holiday was touted in an episode as a "Festivus for the rest of us!" Character Frank Costanza puts up the totem of the holiday, an unadorned aluminum pole, in protest of Christmas' commercialism.

With permission from the city, Stevens on Thursday assembled his metallic pole, consisting of 23 beer cans, at Hillsboro Boulevard and Federal Highway, the newspaper said. Stevens put the pole about six feet from a Nativity scene, which he for years unsuccessfully tried to have the city take down.  

"Think of how many people have died over the years to give us our freedoms," Stevens told the Sun Sentinel. "So I've got to push back a little."

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A city attorney declined to comment. 

One key ritual of Festivus is accusing others of being a disappointment, known as an airing of grievances.  

Over the years, Festivus has been cited in protests across the country. 

One case occurred in 2010, when a convicted drug dealer invoked the holiday to get better meals in a California jail. The inmate disliked the jail’s salami meals, so he used his Festivus devotion to get kosher meals reserved for inmates with religious needs.