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Pit bulls maul California man to death, officials say

A California man was mauled to death in a driveway by four pit bulls belonging to a neighbor. KSEE's Angela Greenwood reports.


A man near Fresno, Calif., was mauled to death by four pit bulls that have since been taken away as authorities on Thursday investigated what happened.

The man was found dead Tuesday night in the driveway of a home in Selma. Animal control officers later impounded four pit bulls, six pit bull puppies and two other dogs at a house next door, NBC affiliate KSEE TV reported.

Neither the victim nor the dogs' owner were identified.

A neighbor said he wasn't surprised, saying that the pit bulls had killed his own dog about a month ago.

"They come in our front yard and will come in our driveway," Blake Anderson told KSEE. "I couldn't even get out of my car one time. There were like four of them, so yeah it's ridiculous." 

Anderson said the owner should be held responsible for letting the dogs run free.

Authorities would not confirm if the owner will face any charges.

Liberty Animal Control Services, which handles pet issues in the area, said it had not received any earlier calls about the pit bulls.

"The owner of the animals was cooperative. He did sign all the animals over to Liberty Animal Control Services, where they will not be returned to the owner," Liberty director Daniel Bailey told KSEE.

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