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Calif. man charged for having 145 pounds of explosives

A Bay Area man was ordered Thursday to stand trial for allegedly possessing explosives and growing marijuana, according to local news reports.

William Myles Harrell of Brisbane, Calif., was charged for having 145 pounds of explosives in his home and running a small pot growing operation, the Bay Area News Group reported. Prosecutors filed charges against the 46-year-old-man that include drug sales and child endangerment, according to the newspaper group.

On Oct. 1, police officers arrived at Harrell's home to investigate a fight with his former girlfriend and discovered the explosives, $36,100 in cash and about 80 grams of marijuana, according to the Bay Area News Group. 

Authorities said the commercial-grade Iremite brand explosives were "stable," but could have been set off in an unforeseen situation like a house fire, NBCBayArea.com reported.

In Moss Beach, Calif., authorities also found a trailer containing a pot growing operation connected to Harrell, according to the Bay Area News Group.

Harrell's ex-girlfriend is among those identifying him with having connections to sovereign citizen ideology, according to the newspaper group. Sovereigns don't think they have to pay taxes and believe they can choose which laws to obey and which to ignore, according to the Southern Poverty Law Center. But in court Thursday, prosecutors did not mention Harrell's possible link to sovereign citizen ideology, the Bay Area News Group reported.

Harrell's defense attorney, Brian Worthington, told the newspaper group that his client denies connection with the sovereigns. Worthington also said there's no evidence the explosives were his client's and disputed a charge that his client had an illegal assault rifle.

While Harrell remains free on $500,000 bail, he was ordered back for arraignment on Jan. 29.

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