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After 'No, no, no' 911 call, 4 found dead in apparent murder-suicide in Colorado

Updated at 5:50 p.m. ET: Four people were found dead Tuesday in Colorado in an apparent murder-suicide that began with a woman's plea in a 911 call and then the sound of gunshots. A vehicle found outside the home was later tied to a man who hours earlier was released after being arrested on suspicion of domestic violence.

The four were found at a home in a subdivision just outside Longmont, Colo., NBC affiliate KUSA TV reported.

Before the bodies were found, police received a 911 call from a female at the address around 4 a.m. local time.

"Our dispatcher then heard the female party hollering, 'No, no, no,' followed by gunfire," Weld County Sheriff''s Office spokesman Tim Schwartz told reporters.

"A male caller then got on the phone and said he's going to kill himself," Schwartz added. "At that time the dispatcher heard another gunshot."

A handgun that had been fired numerous times was recovered, Schwarz said.

The dead are two males and two females, but police did not immediately release their names or ages. 

A pickup truck was found idling outside the home and The Denver Post, citing a Longmont Police report, said it matched the description of one owned by Daniel Sanchez, 31, who was arrested Sunday for allegedly threatening his ex-girlfriend, Beatriz Cintora-Silva.

A woman who went to the scene of the shooting said her nieces were among the dead. Eddy Silva identified the dead women as Beatriz Cintora-Silva and Maria Cintora-Silva. She said Maria was married to Max Aguirre and both lived at the home.

A neighbor who did not know the victims said the shootings had nonetheless shaken her family.

"I got a phone call this morning from a relative saying, 'I just needed to hear your voice'," Leslie McGill told the Longmont Times-Call. "The big thing is I don't know how I'm going to tell my son about this after the school shootings and now the shooting here."

Longmont is about 35 miles north of Denver.

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