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Florida man assaults girlfriend, kills her hamsters, police say

MIAMI -- A Hollywood man has been arrested on charges he sexually battered his girlfriend and tormented her by killing her hamsters, police say.

Joseph Gibbons-Nix, 35, was taken into custody Wednesday on multiple counts of aggravated assault, domestic battery by strangulation, sexual assault and animal cruelty charges, records show.

Gibbons-Nix and his girlfriend have lived together as a couple for seven years, an arrest report said. Gibbons-Nix “intentionally caused bodily harm and forced [the woman] by threat to engage in sexual activities against her will,” the report said.

He kept demanding oral sex, to which she didn’t agree, said Hollywood police spokesman Sgt. Lester Cochenour.

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When she gave in to his demands, he complained that she was “not doing it right,” and punched her in the head, face and arms, police said. He also bit her twice, the police report said.

The domestic strangulation charges stemmed from the woman’s near-strangulation, police said. She said that her boyfriend several times “strangled her where her airway was completely blocked and she felt she was going to lose consciousness,” the arrest report said.

Gibbons-Nix also told her that her hamsters were “ungodly creatures,” the report said.

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He picked up the smaller of the two hamsters and forcefully threw the hamster on the floor, killing it instantly, the report said. He killed the second hamster by throwing it and striking it with a shoe, the report said.

The woman was abused over several days, the report said. But Wednesday, the woman had gotten so worried that her boyfriend would kill her, she told him she was leaving the apartment to get coffee, the report said. She walked to a gas station and phoned police.