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Newtown shooter's mom buried in private service, source tells NBC

Nancy Lanza is being described by a family member as a "survivalist," and someone who owned a collection of guns. Nancy Lanza is the mother of Connecticut shooter Adam Lanza. NBC's Chris Jansing reports.

A private funeral was held Thursday for the mother of the gunman who killed 20 children and six adults at Sandy Hook Elementary in Newtown, Conn., a New Hampshire police source told NBC News.

The service for Nancy Lanza, who was shot by her son Adam just before the school rampage last Friday, was attended by about two dozen family members in New Hampshire, her previous home state, the source said. It wasn't revealed exactly where the service was held.

Her brother is a retired police captain in Kingston, N.H.

The service was held as more children and teachers killed at the school were buried on Thursday.

Nancy Lanza and then-husband Peter Lanza moved to the central Connecticut community in 1998 from southern New Hampshire. Nancy Lanza had worked as a stock broker at John Hancock in Boston and her husband was a successful executive. They divorced in 2009.

Around the country, efforts to memorialize the victims of Newtown have excluded the Lanzas. For instance, there's a national effort to have churches ring their bells 26 times, once  in honor of each child and teacher. 

But in Georgia, the Stockbridge First United Methodist Church will ring its bell 27 times to include Nancy Lanza.

“I think for us, she’s a victim, too,” said the Rev. Jody Ray, the pastor. “We probably should have included the young man who committed the crime.

“It’s a tragedy. At the end of the day, people are dead and in response to tragedy, we want to remember all those who were involved …We’re not going to stand in judgment.”

This article includes reporting by NBC News' Kip Whitlock and Tracy Connor and Reuters.

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