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Off-duty Massachusetts cops caught after egging superior's house


To serve, protect and … vandalize?

Three Newton, Mass., police officers were caught by fellow men in blue in Framingham last month after they had egged a house, the MetroWest Daily News reported.

The victim? A Newton police sergeant.

The action took place in the wee hours of Dec. 11, the Daily News reported. Officers responding to a report of “teenagers” egging a house saw two people drive away in a red car, according to the Daily News.

The driver confessed after the car was pulled over but said the egging was “a prank – a joke between friends,” the Daily News quoted a Framingham police spokesman as saying.

The third off-duty Newton officer was picked up as police headed to the house to talk with the homeowner, the Daily News reported.

The eggers were not identified, and no charges have been filed. The eggee said he would handle the incident as an internal police department matter, according to the Daily News.

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