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'Help me!': 911 call reveals teen's desperation after relatives shot in Aurora theater

911 calls from the movie theater where a deadly shooting spree was under way were played in court, on the second day of hearings to decide if the alleged gunman should stand trial. NBC's Leanne Gregg reports.

Courtesy the family via KUSA

Veronica Moser-Sullivan, in an undated family photo.

Weeping through closed eyes, Ian Sullivan listened Tuesday to a 911 call that detailed the death of his 6-year-old daughter, Veronica, in a Colorado movie theater.

The 4-minute recording captured the voices of two people: a 911 dispatcher and a crying 13-year-old desperately trying to get help for her little cousin and for Veronica's gravely wounded mother, Ashley Moser.

"Who's been shot?" the dispatcher asked.

"My two cousins," the young caller said. "On the floor ... not breathing."

The 911 operator told her she had to perform CPR, but it was too loud in Theater No. 9 -- the movie still playing, screams filling the air -- for her to follow the instructions.

"Help me!" the girl shouted a few times.

Ashley Moser, 25, shot in the stomach and neck, survived but suffered a miscarriage and was paralyzed. Her daughter could not be saved.

Veronica was the youngest of the 12 people killed at the Century 16 theater when James Holmes allegedly opened fire during a midnight screening of the Batman movie "The Dark Knight Rises." 

The 911 call was played during a preliminary hearing in which prosecutors are laying out their case to convince a judge there's enough evidence to put Holmes on trial for first-degree murder.

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Victims relatives have been in the courtroom and overflow rooms, reacting with anguish at times during hours of emotional and sometimes graphic testimony.

During Tuesday's proceedings, prosecutors played a second 911 call. It was barely half a minute long, but the sound of 33 gunshots could be heard.

The caller, Kevin Quinonez, struggled to be heard but managed to convey some sense of the inexplicable horror unfolding around him: "There's some guy after us."

NBC News’ Mike Taibbi and KUSA's Blair Shiff contributed to this report.

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