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'Incredible chaos': Punches thrown, furniture smashed as baby shower turns into brawl

Three men and a 14-year-old boy have been arrested in connection with a chaotic brawl at a Massachusetts baby shower on Saturday.

Punches were thrown and furniture was smashed during the violent clash at Club Luis De Camoes, a Portuguese social venue in Stoughton, south of Boston, police said.

"It was quite a scene," Stoughton Police Department Executive Officer Robert Devine told NBC News. "It was just incredible chaos."

Police have arrested three men -- Patrick Lopez, 24; Paulo Depina, 24; Aderito Deandrade, 24 -- and an unidentified 14-year-old boy in connection with the incident. They are each charged with disorderly conduct, resisting arrest, assault and battery on a police officer, and other offenses.

Four police officers who responded to the scene sustained minor injuries, Devine said. They did not require hospital treatment, he added.

Police said they believe the brawl began when one of the suspects standing near the bar punched a man in the back of the head and flung a bottle in the air, nearly striking the bartender. Others then joined in the fight.

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At that point, a Stoughton police officer working detail at the event called for backup, anticipating more attacks. When the first wave of five backup cops arrived at the scene, the melee was in full tilt at the club, which was filled with over 200 people, FOX 25 in Boston reported.

"Oh my God. It was just nonstop. There would be a skirmish in this corner, we’d go over to address it, and then another one would start up somewhere else," Sgt. Daniel McGowan told The Enterprise newspaper.

One of the suspects allegedly crushed a chair and hurled bottles in the air, police said. As the brawl got more heated, at least 15 additional officers rushed to the baby shower.

All the while, police worried that one of the many children at the scene would get injured.

"Our primary concern as police officers was to try to safeguard children in the room," Devine said.

At the height of the chaos, one of the police officers stood on top of a table and pleaded with parents to evacuate with their children, Devine said.

It took police almost 45 minutes to subdue the crowd, according to police.