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Maryland firefighter has arm surgically reattached after chain-reaction crash

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A Washington, D.C., area volunteer firefighter had to have his arm surgically reattached after suffering serious injuries in a crash on the Beltway early Wednesday morning.

Several other people were also hurt, though less seriously, when a fire truck was involved in a chain-reaction crash.

The fire crew, from the West Lanham Hills Volunteer Fire Department, had responded to a minor accident on the Beltway early Wednesday near the eastbound exit for John Hanson Highway when their truck was rear-ended by a tractor-trailer, reported News 4's Jackie Bensen.

A Jeep was also involved in the resulting collision and overturned. All the occupants of all three vehicles were injured, including four firefighters.

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The firefighter with the most severe injuries has not been named. But police said he was transported to MedStar Union Memorial Hospital in Baltimore to have his arm surgically reattached.

Late Wednesday evening, authorities confirmed that his arm had been reattached and that blood was flowing into it. There was no update on his overall condition or other injuries.

Investigators say the fire truck was making a U-turn in a cut-through labeled "Emergency Vehicles Only" when it was struck. After responding to the earlier crash, the crew put the truck in an "out of service" status, meaning lights and siren were not in use.

The truck is authorized to use the cut-through, authorities said.

The accident is being investigated by Prince George’s Police, Prince George’s County Fire and Maryland State Police.