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Muggers beat man with nunchucks in New York subway

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Police are looking for three teens who approached a man in a New York City subway station, tried to take his jacket, and beat him with nunchucks when he resisted.

Police say the 25-year-old victim was in Manhattan's West 157th Street station on the no. 1 line early Sunday morning when the suspects told him they liked his jacket and wanted it.

They then began to beat and kick him, police said.

When he wouldn't give up his jacket, one of the suspects began beating him with nunchucks, which are illegal in New York, police said.

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The victim was able to flee through the turnstile. He was later treated for cuts on his head.

Police are looking for three teens, ages 17 to 19, each weighing 150 pounds and about 5 feet 8 inches tall. One was wearing a gray jacket and yellow and burgundy baseball hat, one was wearing a gray jacket and green baseball hat and the third was wearing a black t-shirt and gray and black checkered scarf.