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Escaped horses cause traffic pileup: 'It's Oklahoma, what do you expect?'


The miniature colt was recaptured early on, but his mother escaped a second time in Oklahoma City on Friday.

Two miniature horses led motorists, state troopers and animal welfare officers on a merry chase in Oklahoma City for several hours Friday, causing a traffic accident that injured a woman, officials said.

"It's Oklahoma, what do you expect?" Jeannie Troxel, a motorist who stopped to help corral the horses, told NBC station KFOR of Oklahoma City.

The horses — a light brown mare and her colt — broke loose from their field and were first spotted about 4 a.m. (5 a.m. ET), eventually ending up on Interstate 40. The posse of state troopers, animal welfare officers and passing motorists managed to corral the colt, but the mare got loose a second time.


The horses were back in their field in Oklahoma on Friday — eight hours and one wreck later.

"We almost hit the horse," said Troxel, who drove past the scene about 7 a.m. "All you could do is — 'Oh, my God.'" 

A white truck whose driver had spotted the excitement ran off the road and into a tree, state Trooper Betsy Randolph told The Oklahoman newspaper. The woman's condition wasn't immediately available. 

Officials said the horses were finally rounded up shortly after noon local time. Animal welfare officials told KFOR that the owners, who haven't been identified, were cited with violations.

"We've been running on foot back and forth, so it's been quite eventful," Troxel told KFOR.

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