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Cops: Texas couple fatally shot in argument over dog feces

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A couple with four children were shot and killed in an argument over dog feces on Monday, police in Texas said.

Officers were called to a shooting at the Sable Ridge Apartments in Dallas at about 8 a.m. Monday.

When officers arrived, they found two people, later identified as 32-year-old Michelle Jackson and 31-year-old Jamie Stafford, dead at the scene from apparent gunshot wounds.  An infant inside the couple's apartment was not injured.

After talking with witnesses, police began searching for Chung Kim, a resident of the complex identified by residents as a man who lived in the unit below Stafford and Jackson and was seen leaving the complex after the shooting.

Police later located Kim in his black Lexus SUV nearby and took him into custody.

Investigators said the couple had been dumping dog feces on the patio and at the front door of Kim's apartment.

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Police said Kim pulled out a gun and shot Jackson as she stood on her balcony. Police said Kim then went upstairs and into the couple's apartment and shot Stafford as he jumped off the balcony while trying to escape. 

Police said Kim then stood over Stafford and shot him again.

Residents said they heard arguing followed by several gunshots.

"I heard about eight or nine gunshots just go off, ‘Bow, bow, bow,’ like three separate times,” said resident Michael Issa. “It was like, first there was two or three, then there was a pause for like 30 or 40 seconds and then there was another three or four shots, and there was a pause, and a couple more shots

"I waited for like three or four minutes and I ain't hear nothing. I came outside to smoke a cigarette and look upstairs and there's feet hanging over my head," he added.

A friend of the victim said there had been several arguments over pets and noise.

One neighbor, Yoland Washington, spoke of the couple's children, including the infant who was home at the time of the shooting.

"When they come home today, their mother and their father is gone. Little baby, they call the newborn Little Mama, Little Mama is not going to never know her parents,” said Washington.

Child protection officer Marissa Gonzales said they had taken temporary custody of a one-month-old child found unharmed inside the apartment and that three other children who were at school at the time of the shooting are now with relatives.

Keaton Fox, Greg Janda and Stefan Gorman, NBC5, contributed to this report.