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911 call in Texas prisoner attack: 'I've been stabbed in the neck!'

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Moments after he says he was attacked by a prisoner who snapped his own eyeglasses to make a blade, a Florida police officer called 911, provided a description of the suspect and cried: “I’ve been stabbed in the neck!”

The officer, Jaime Pardinas, was hospitalized after the assault but was expected to recover. Authorities released 911 records from the episode to NBCDFW.com and other media Wednesday.

Authorities say Alberto Morales, 41, stabbed the officer Monday night, when a second officer went into a Walmart outside Dallas to use the bathroom. Texas authorities have searched for him ever since.

The officers were taking Morales from Florida to Nevada to serve a prison sentence. They were supposed to fly all the way there but, after Morales acted erratically on the first leg of the flight, the three were not allowed to board the second leg, authorities said.

In the 911 call, the officer is out of breath but manages to gasp: “I’ve been stabbed in the neck!” Through labored breath, he delivers a physical description and Morales’ name to the dispatcher and describes him as schizophrenic.

The officer’s partner, having returned from inside the Walmart, later tells the dispatcher: “My partner’s complaining he got stabbed in the back. He got stabbed in the neck.”

Miami police headed for Texas on Thursday to help in the search, NBCMiami.com reported.

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