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"It was really scary; kind of surreal," says woman whose mother was on Dorner's hit list

This undated photo released by the Los Angeles Police Department shows suspect Christopher Dorner, a former Los Angeles officer.

Many families who were under the LAPD’s protective custody are beginning to return to their normal lives after spending the last week living with officers outside their doors 24/7.

On Thursday – just one day after a sighting of fugitive Christopher Dorner led to a deadly shootout and fire at a Big Bear-area cabin – NBC San Diego spoke exclusively with one woman whose mother was a target in Dorner’s online manifesto, which outlined a homicidal revenge plot involving law enforcement and their families.

For a week straight, black and white patrol cars sat outside this family’s home. The resident inside was an LAPD officer who was named in Dorner’s hit list.

“It was really scary; kind of surreal. [It] felt like a movie,” said the daughter, who wished to remain anonymous.

The woman said her mother tried to remain calm despite the frightening ordeal.

“She’s been really strong, just more worried about her children than anything,” she said. “There were four different tiers of officers who needed protection and my mom was in the second tier.”

Since Feb. 6, the LAPD has kept close watch on 40 people who were named in Dorner’s manifesto, along with their families.

Timeline: Revenge-Plot Slayings | Map: LAPD Manhunt

This has been an overwhelming undertaking for the department when you consider three officers to each home, 24 hours a day.

Still, the protection from law enforcement was unwavering.

“It's scary but I mean at the same time, her house was the safest place to be. She had so much protection,” the daughter told NBC San Diego.

Now that officials have ended the manhunt for Dorner, relief has washed over many targeted families.

But, now, other feelings are bubbling up as well.

“It's all setting in that people are dead and, I don't know, I think [my mother] having a hard time with it. I think there's a certain amount of shock,” the daughter added.

Some LAPD families who were considered most at-risk in Dorner’s manifesto remained under police protection Thursday night, but many are now on their own since the threat seems to have passed.