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Hold the pepperoni -- and a gun -- at Virginia pizzeria

A Virginia Beach pizzeria is serving up pies with a big slice of politics, offering a 15 percent discount to anyone who walks in with a firearm or shows a concealed weapon permit.

Amanda Lucier / The Virginian-Pilot via AP

Lee Lazernick, right, asked his mother Thelma Lazernick, left, to pose with a customer's Ruger Mini-14 .223 semi-automatic rifle on Feb. 18, at All Around Pizza and Deli in Virginia Beach, Va.

The owner of All Around Pizzas and Deli says it's his way of showing that the gun-control movement turns his stomach.

"I've always been a supporter of the right to carry," Jay Laze told NBC affiliate WAVY. "You're either on one side or the other and it seems like more politicians are against us rather than for us.

"I want to show them they really aren't representing the people or the constitution they are sworn in under."

Laze said the gimmick is a hit and that 80 percent of his customers are coming in packing heat. One brought an AK-47, according to the Virginian-Pilot.

Christopher Cody was strapped when he came in to eat.

"Not everyone who owns a gun is dangerous," he told WAVY. "All the laws that are coming out are trying to protect the children. I've been sitting here with a gun for the last 45 minutes and it hasn't caused any kind of problem."

Laze, who says he has been robbed four times in the past, got the idea from a Utah ice-cream shop that offered a similar discount and said the price-cut is so popular he may make it permanent.


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Amanda Lucier / The Virginian-Pilot via AP

Jay Laze, center talks with customers including Andy Elliott, left, who brought his 9 mm handgun to All Around Pizza and Deli in Virginia Beach, Va., on Feb. 8, where anyone who carries a gun or brings a concealed handgun permit is offered a discount.