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NY woman who guarded flying cash gets her reward

A woman in New York returned $11,000 in coins and bills that flew her way off an armored truck on a bumpy highway. Mark Mulholland of NBC station WNYT reports.

The New York woman who guarded $11,000 in cash that flew out the back of an armored truck this week will get a $2,500 reward.

Patricia Wesner, executive director of the Pember Library and Museum in Granville, N.Y., called police, got out of her car and stayed with the money Tuesday rather than pocket any of it for her struggling nonprofit. "It's stealing if you take something that's not yours," she said. "It didn't belong to me."

NBC station WNYT of Albany reported Thursday that Brinks Inc., the company that operated the truck, sent long-stem roses to Wesner's home Wednesday. And now, the company is rewarding her with $2,500 for her honesty.

"A couple car repairs might be nice, and my daughter is flying to New York on Friday," she said. "It's both our birthdays, and we'll probably do something fun in New York."

You can read the full story of Wesner's honesty here.

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