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Woman saves bus after driver passes out

A passenger takes control of a speeding bus in Maryland after the driver has a medical emergency. WBAL's Rob Roblin reports.

A Maryland woman who doesn’t even have a driver’s license averted disaster this week when she took control of a bus after the driver suddenly passed out.

Janai Stafford boarded the bus Tuesday afternoon, according to NBC affiliate WBAL. It was full of kids on the rainy afternoon, so she stood toward the front next to the driver.

"All of a sudden (the bus driver) said, 'Something's not right, I don't feel good. Something's not right,'" she told WBAL. "And then all of a sudden, he passed out all over the wheel."

Stafford then followed her instincts.

"I put my foot on his foot and I wrapped my arm around him and I steered the bus to the right and parked it," she said. "It didn't hit me until afterwards, like, that really could have been bad."

Interestingly, Stafford doesn't have a driver's license, though she says she does know how to drive.

"Driving is simple so it's a wheel, and it's a brake, and it's a gas," she said. "Either I'm going to press on the gas or I' m going to press on the brake. Luckily I pressed on the brake."