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Drug buyer butt-dials 911, police say, leading to arrest in Oregon

An Oregon man was arrested on felony drug charges after accidentally dialing 911 just before a drug deal, allowing police to track down his location using the phone's GPS signal. KGW's Kyle Iboshi reports.

Butt-dialing has led to many embarrassing situations, but police say that for one Oregon drug dealer, it could lead to jail.

Police in Molalla, a city near Portland, Ore., say they intercepted a phone call about a drug deal after one of the suspects sat on her phone and accidentally dialed 911. 

Using the phone's GPS signal, officers were led to an alley just a block away from the police station.

The two suspects denied having a cell phone, but the officer on scene spoke loudly and the emergency dispatcher confirmed that she could hear him over the phone, a recording of the 911 call shows. The police said they found methamphetamine when searching one of the suspects.

"This, I will say, is a first, and got a chuckle around the department," Molalla police spokesperson Aaron Christopherson told NBC News.

"Everybody had a good laugh, things are normally not that easy," said Sgt. Chris Long. "Unfortunately, Molalla has a drug problem. Methamphetamine and heroin are on the rise." 

Raleigh Reynolds, 25, was arrested on felony drug charges of possession and delivery. Dana Lucht, 25, was in possession of less than one ounce of marijuana and was summoned to appear in court, police said.