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Air India jet clips JetBlue airliner on tarmac at JFK

An Air India jet clipped a JetBlue airliner on Saturday near the gate at John F. Kennedy International Airport, a JetBlue spokesman said. The two planes bumped on the tarmac shortly before 6 a.m.

The Air India jet taxied into the area where a JetBlue Airbus 320 was waiting, making contact, the spokesman said. No passengers were hurt in the accident.

“While crews went to get a new towbar, an air India flight taxied into the area and made contact with their aircraft,” said Alex Headrick, spokesperson for JetBlue.

There were 150 passengers about to head to Florida on board the JetBlue plane, as well as two pilots and three flight attendants. After the accident, the passengers on JetBlue Flight 145 had to switch onto a new plane. The flight was delayed for almost three hours.

The JetBlue Airbus was taken out of service while maintenance evaluates its damage.