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Rocket launcher returned at California gun buyback

Solano County's first countywide gun buyback program today collected 344 weapons including a military rocket launcher and multiple assault rifles, according to Vallejo police Chief Joseph Kreins.

The buyback, conducted from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m., drew in 113  handguns, 67 shotguns, 163 rifles, including multiple assault rifles and the  rocket launcher, Kreins said.

"The goal of the operation was simple: We wanted to get as many  illegal and unwanted guns off the streets of Solano County as possible,"  Kreins said in a statement today.

"We all know that these very firearms are often used to commit  violent crimes against our fellow citizens and in a variety of tragic  scenarios, including suicides," Kreins added.

A similar gun buyback in Santa Clara County last weekend had a starting budget of $150,000.    In the end, the Santa Clara County sheriff's department said they received 1,116 guns, which included 47 assault weapons. They gave out about $114,0000, which means they had money left over.